Anchors Away! Why Retailers look for the national brands to snuggle up with.

As a small retailer, one might assume that high traffic counts and neighboring national brands are a hindrance to business. Yet, this is hardly the case. In fact, small retailers cherish the presence of high traffic counts and national brands in proximity, and here’s why:

Firstly, the primary benefit of high traffic counts is the increased exposure and visibility that it brings. When a small retailer is located on a bustling street, more individuals will become acquainted with the establishment, making it more visible. Likewise, having renowned brands in close proximity can draw more people to the area, leading to increased chances of them discovering the smaller business.

Additionally, a higher volume of foot traffic results in more potential customers. A bustling location leads to a higher likelihood of people walking by the store and potentially making a purchase. The proximity to famous brands also provides the opportunity to attract their loyal customer base to the small retailer’s establishment. This can be especially beneficial if the small retailer offers personalized, unique products or services, which the big brands don’t.

The presence of popular brands in the area also adds to the small retailer’s credibility, establishing them as a legitimate business. People are more likely to trust an establishment located near renowned brands, leading to more confidence in the quality of products or services offered.

Moreover, competition is vital to the success of a small retailer. Being located in proximity to nationally recognized brands can motivate small retailers to differentiate themselves, leading to innovative products or services that separate them from their competitors. This creates a shopping destination, with customers seeking to browse and make multiple purchases.

In conclusion, small retailers embrace high traffic counts and neighboring national brands due to increased exposure, foot traffic, shared customer bases, credibility, and healthy competition. When searching for a location, small retailers should consider the benefits of bustling areas and established brands nearby.

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