Bringing Traction to a Dead Zone: In-N-Out Burger

Stockton, CA is receiving its second In-N-Out Burger

Most of the US knows by now how iconic it is to have a freshly made In-N-Out burger. If you don’t, my sincerest apologies! These burgers are made fresh to order every time and have no additives, preservatives, or fillers or of ANY kind. Grouped with a great fresh taste, these burgers are extremely affordable and have become an iconic staple amongst Millennials with a love for Food Photography, Oscar’s after-parties, and anyone who can appreciate an overall QUALITY burger. It’s no wonder that the City of Stockton is welcoming its newest fast-food location only 2.5 miles from it’s first location. Located at the Sherwood Mall, this second location will thrive in what is currently a business dead zone and will bring phenomenal jobs to the Stockton community and foot traffic to surrounding businesses!

What was there before?

The new In-N-Out building will reside in what was formerly a Red Robin that had opened in May of 2016, and before that, the location belonged to the Elephant Bar. The bar had closed in 2014 due to a lack of “foot traffic” to “sustain the business”, as stated by a company spokesperson. Despite this, In-N-Out sees this location as an opportunity. As the first hamburger drive-thru restaurant in California, the company’s expanded to over 300 locations across the West Coast, even branching out to Utah, Texas, and Nevada. Their motto is “Our Customer is Everything”, and this highly contributes to their brand and wild success. Heat lamps, microwaves and freezers are banned from the premises and their locations MUST be within 500 miles of their produce and meat supplier guaranteeing that your meal is will always be fresh!

What’s In-N-Out All About?

Over it’s 73-year history, this California-based chain has endured monumental industry shifts, recessions, costumer fads, and rising competition that has consumed our nation throughout time. It has defined its brand positioning and will not waver. It refuses to engage in price wars, deliberately avoids menu changes, and has rejected franchising and external investors. And yet, In-N-Out is still thriving.  Since in-N-Out never changes their menu, their customers can count on getting the same great taste and flavor every time- and at every location. They also base their pricing to be reminiscent of past decades where a cheeseburger and fries were affordable, and the price would keep people coming back. It is considered one of the nation’s TOP restaurant chains with an estimated annual sale of over $600 million and a loyal fan base to sing their praises. Even famous foodie traveler Anthony Bourdain declared that it was his favorite restaurant in Los Angeles!

With In-N-Out’s impeccable reputation, it is a sure sign that their employees are taken care of as well. When checking out their employment page on their website, their work environment is stated to be team-oriented, fast paced and fun. They care about the success of their employees and claim that your success is our success. They start off their new associates at a competitive wage because that is their way of showing how important their employees are to them. They also offer benefits to part-time and full-time employees that include paid vacations, free meals, comprehensive training, 401K Plans and flexible scheduling.

When diving deeper into wages, their associates start off anywhere from 13-21$ an hour depending on location and ranking. The managers ranging from assistant buyer to management make anywhere from $45,000-120,000 a year and are seen to have the LOWEST turnover rate in the industry. On average a manager at In-N-Out stays with the company an average of 14 years all the way to even 40 years. Training is intense and managers are held to very high standards, but it seems that the management is kept happy and happy employees means better service.  Since their mottos is valued on making their employees succeed, the harder you work, the more money you will make.

The Sherwood Mall in Stockton will be known as a ghost town no longer. Though many businesses within the shopping center had closed, there is no doubt that the ever-popular fast-food chain will bring plenty of traffic to the area. Watch out Stockton, this town is definitely big enough for the both of y’all!

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