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Employee Spotlight: Nickolas Saldivar III

Nickolas Saldivar III’s bright personality not only lights up the office, but shines brilliantly through his work as well. As a partner in leasing and investments, Nick collaborates with his clients to help them as they obtain their business goals. We sat down with Nick to learn more about the highlights of his career, the challenges, and what it takes to be great in Commercial Real Estate.

Q: What is your primary role?

A: My primary role is leasing and investment sales/acquisitions. I work with tenants, buyers, landlords, and investors. My asset focus is retail and office with some industrial.

Q: How long have you been in commercial real estate?

A: I grew up in real estate working with my father on the finance side. I have been in commercial real estate for over two years.

Q: What were you doing before your career at Northgate/NAI Pence?

A: I grew up in finance with my father. We started a mortgage company after he retired from the San Francisco Financial District.  After the 2008 downturn and impacts to the real estate finance industry, I went back to school to complete my undergraduate studies and law school. During this period, I worked for the State of California. After graduating from law school, commercial real estate was the logical path for me. In commercial real estate, I am able to utilize my real estate finance upbringing, law degree, and love of business.

Q: How do you see the market for leasing over the next few years?

A: Right now, the market is doing a reset because of the pandemic. Basically, everyone is going back to basics. Leasing is on an uptick, but we are currently in a transition period. There are some business types that are not as aggressive as they were prior the pandemic. While there are some business types that are more aggressive than they were prior to the pandemic.

Q: What would you consider to be the best parts of your job?

A: I love the people part of our business. I like working with tenants.  Everyone is in a different situation. We have some people that are trying to get space to start their new business venture or transition to a brick-&-mortar location. Helping them take steps to achieving their dreams is rewarding.

Q: What were the highlights of your career?

A: The highlights have been earning the trust of my clients as their real estate advisor. Whenever they have questions regarding real estate, they call me. I am humbled by their trust and work hard to continue to add value to them.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced when it comes to leasing?

A: The biggest challenge with leasing is having the difficult conversations with stakeholders. It may be the conversation with a client in which the search is challenging, or they are not in a position to move forward with the lease due to circumstances. While it is initially difficult, I use it as an opportunity to advise them to achieve their long-term goals.

Q: Your day-to-day, what does that look like?

A: Making phone calls.  Managing my priorities & deals. Engaging with my office peers on different projects.

Q: Out of curiosity, what’s it like working with your spouse?

A: It is fun, because we are able to discuss and connect over commercial real estate with each other. We have similar interests and our skillsets complement each other. At the same time, we are able to separate work from personal life. She is my partner in life.

Q: What kind of advice would you give to someone who’s new to leasing or commercial real estate?

A: Be patient. Be open to learn.  Find good mentors. There are so many different avenues of real estate, find what interests you and what is going to make you happy. Ultimately, if you are not enjoying it, you are not going to have longevity.

Q: I saw on your LinkedIn you were a wrestling coach–how does that background help your career?

A: I still coach. I coach wresting and judo here in Stockton at the Nick Diaz Academy. I have been coaching since 1999. Ali was one of my wrestlers and he now works with me. That is how he ended up here at Northgate/NAI Pence. For me, the coaching is important in my work because I am coaching clients and working with our team.

We love working with Nick, and we are proud to have him on our team. Right now, he is participating in a movement called Real Men Wear Pink, in which he’s fundraising a goal of $20,000 in support of the American Cancer Society and saving the lives of those with breast cancer. You can find his donation page here.


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