Land Development Real Estate

Land development projects are an essential part of diversified real estate portfolios. You can transform a parcel of land into a thriving development, providing a community with resources it lacks and dramatically improving the quality of life for those in the area.

There are many kinds of land development opportunities, each suitable for a different type of investor.

Large lots can be great for retail development, especially when they’re near high-traffic roads. Northgate can deliver some of the best real estate opportunities in California, with multiple highway land development sites available during most of the year.

For businesses searching for a new home, we have a selection of build-to-suit and ground lease sites, so you can find the property you need.

All investment comes with risks. If you want to minimize those risks and maximize your gains, you need to work with a partner that has years of experience in the field. Northgate Commercial Real Estate has more than a decade of commercial real estate experience.

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