Retail Real Estate

Northgate understands that different real estate investors have different needs, and we know that getting the right fit helps you maximize profit in the long run.

We have a large and diverse portfolio of retail properties that are designed to meet those differing needs.

When it comes to shopping centers, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for multi-tenant real estate opportunities or want in-line retail space to take your business to the next level, we know how to provide you what you need.

Northgate also specializes in stand-alone retail. We additionally have a limited selection of ready-to-move-in stand-alone retail opportunities.

We’ve done it all, from car dealerships to drive-thrus. If you’re looking for real estate that strays from the norm, you need an agent with practical experience.

No matter what kind of retail you’re searching for, Northgate Commercial Real Estate knows how to lead you to a building that you’ll love. Get in touch with us today.